Third party Integration


The revolution in messaging technology that mojiit will bring to users is breadcrumbs compared to how our third party integration will change the commerce landscape for generations.  Sounds like an overstatement? Check out the power and use cases of our two third party integrations.

Sell Custom Products

Allow mojiit users to purchase your custom mojiit items like rings, t-shirts, dresses, or shoes with our vendor control panel. Simply upload your .FBX or .DAE models with up to 1,000 triangles to our website. It's free to add models, and you keep 80% of the profits.

If you sell physical products in the clothing, accessory, or jewelry markets, you can link mojiit models to actual products. Users can then buy these products for their moji AND for themselves. Our API enables you to capture essential information in order for you to complete the physical sale and shipment.

Location Targeted Advertising

Advertise directly to mojiit users with custom 3D models. Simply specify the region on a map where you would like your 3D advertisement to live. mojiit users will see your model whenever they enter the specified region.

Don't know how to make a 3D model? No Problem! Our highly skilled 3D modelers will work along side you and your company to create an ideal advertisement